Sip·n·Twirl is the Pines’ prime nightly lounge & club, from the beginning, to the very end, of the Fire Island season. As the Pines’ largest and most consistently busy club, Sip·n·Twirl features a full-service bar, for mingling + socializing, the TWIRLdeck, for afternoon/evening dancing + casual connections, PLUS a major dance floor – with state-of-the-art sound & video, and a DJ lineup that includes Community favorites and new faces, playing a variety of sounds, including Fire Island Favorites, & latest club sounds from around the world.

The entire building rose from ashes, in just 7 months, to ensure that the hospitality and vitality, for which the Community is known, remained available & happening for all.

And…on the TWIRLdeck

Step outside, take in the sun, sunset & stars, at TWIRLtea! From late afternoon until after sunset, the people, the music, the cocktails and the energy are ‘just what the doctor ordered’!

See schedule on Sip·n·Twirl calendar, on this page.