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The Pavilion is the nighttime heartbeat of the community. For more than thirty years, island residents and guests have been coming to the Pavilion to dance until dawn. Featuring a state of the art New York City style lighting and sound system, the Pavilion is our sacred cathedral to dance music. This summer you will hear cutting edge music ranging from deep house to the classic Fire Island sound with iconic legendary DJs that have been curated from around the world and from our own boardwalks.


The Blue Whale is resurfacing. This season, the Blue Whale is bringing to The Pines an innovative, delightful, and satisfying return to island cuisine. Our guests can expect a selection of classic favorites and specialities with fresh, local market ingredients. Our menu features the best regional fish and seafood as well as premium meats and


This season, the all-new Pavilion features a customized sound system that provides the most clear and powerful sound you’ll ever hear in The Pines. Exciting, huge vintage lighting effects rescued from the old super-discos of Europe bring the visual experience to an entirely new level. 


For summer 2015, we’ve created a “popup” boutique hotel inside the historic 30-room Botel. She’s been the butt of jokes for decades but with attention to detail and an eye for design we’re starting a new life for this storied building.


the Bistro is open Weds-Mon from 6-11:00p (Closed Tuesdays)


Summer Hours Sun-Thu 11a-11p Fri, Sat & holidays 11a-2a